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You play as V, a mercenary in Night City who ends up with the psyche of long-dead rock star and anti-corporate terrorist Johnny Silverhand trapped in their head. Yes, that’s Keanu Reeves, though his performance is actually a bit stiff relative to the rest of the excellent cast. First things first, we gotta get into that house, but Johnny’s confrontational relationship with V is wonderfully tense, acting as the anchor of the whole story. Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack’s opening hours do an incredible job of getting you invested in their struggle, and then Night City’s sprawling map opens wide.


If most game structures look like a redwood tree with a tall trunk that has paths branching off as you go higher, Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack is more like a large bush. You don’t have to go far to have dozens of tangled branches within reach. Night City is so dense, diverse, and consistently beautiful that there are opportunities to stumble upon unexpected sights and missions all the time. The scope is simply stunning, from the massive skyscrapers to the immaculately detailed in-world advertisements that are plastered all over them.

Rich Conversations and Choices

Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack feels like an RPG through and through. It’s full of rich, beautifully presented conversations and an almost mind-boggling amount of choice in dialogue, character builds, mission approach, and beyond. What’s more, those choices can have a massive impact on both V’s own story and the characters around them. The missions themselves are also largely delightful, ranging from infiltrating an extravagant parade to a series of detective missions and even befriending a sentient vending machine. The fact that Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack is able to have deep, affecting moments alongside lighthearted goofs and intense action without any of it feeling out of place is a testament to the strength of both its stories and the world they take place in.

Multiple Endings and Flexibility

Surprisingly, Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack only took me around 20 hours to beat the first time. But it was only after reloading a save and spending another 20 hours completing side missions and befriending characters that I went back to finish the story again and found my ending options had drastically changed. After 45 hours, I’ve now found six wildly different endings and still have plenty more I want to do. While this freeform structure is impressive, it did create a false sense that I was failing to make progress at times. Regardless, the openness of Cyberpunk 2077 v9.84 Crack is pretty remarkable.

Customization and Combat

Beyond the big story decisions, you also get the good old-fashioned choice of how to approach combat. There are no character classes here; instead, you invest points into five primary attributes and then into perks within each of those. Combat opens up gradually as well. While I didn’t love the gunplay initially, I eventually found unique weaponry and clever cybernetic augmentations that elevated it above simple pointing and shooting. Some guns can charge up and shoot through walls, while others fire bullets that seek out enemies. Add in cyberware that lets you slow time, double jump, and more, and it’s just a matter of time before you find some custom combination that clicks.

Bugs and Performance

So, we have to talk bugs. The frequency of bugs was a frustrating nuisance, even on PC. It’s nothing game-breaking, but hardly an hour has gone by without something going awry, and performance is only okay, even with very high-end hardware. I’ve had important conversations undermined by characters glitching between incorrect poses or referencing invisible objects. A day one patch is expected, but right now, it can be a bit of a mess.

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