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Home Safety Hotline v9.84 Crack is a super cute indie game that flirts with the idea of being scary but never fully embraces it. Set in the late 90s, you play as an employee of HSHH (Home Safety Hotline), a security company that advises customers on dealing with household problems, both mundane and fantastical.


Analog Horror Roots
The game draws inspiration from analog horror, reminiscent of the Mandela Catalog. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges, from dealing with roaches and mice to handling mythical creatures like dream weavers and trolls.

Quirky Narratives and Side Stories
Home Safety Hotline v9.84 Crack offers engaging narratives and side stories that add depth to the gameplay experience. From former employees to prank callers, these stories unfold dynamically as you navigate through the game.

Incentives and Coupons
Earn sweet coupons along the way, such as discounts on used horseshoes, adding an extra layer of incentive to play well. These coupons not only inject humor into the game but also contribute to the larger narrative arc.

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