Acoustica’s Pumpkin Audio Plugin 2024 v9.3.59.6

Overview of Acoustica’s Pumpkin Audio Plugin

Progressive psychic trans artist, sound designer and teacher for electronic music production, introduces a free plugin by Acoustica Audio – the Pumpkin audio plugin. This powerful tool is not sponsored or paid for this demonstration; it’s purely subjective due to its high-quality features.

The acoustica plugins are commendable for their excellent performance. They offer great value, especially for those venturing into the world of mixing and mastering. Acoustica plugins come with a variety of free plugins, all of which perform exceptionally well. Notable among them are Eminence, Arctic, the Coffee Pup F, and the Backand do coral EQ – all necessities for anyone working on a professional level in music mixing and mastering.

Acoustica’s Pumpkin adds something different with the Iper Tree technology. This technology is integrated into the plugin, making it lightweight and efficient. The hyper tree technology enhances the sound, creating a deeper and richer output. The plugin offers four modes of saturation for users to experiment with. The saturation algorithms used in other plugins such as Crimson, Taupe, and Violet are present in Pumpkin thanks to the hyper tree technology.

Download Acoustica Pumpkin here for a deeper dive into professional and serious mixing & mastering.

Also included in the Pumpkin is one low shelf and high shelf EQ allowing users to twist it up a bit. The video allows viewers a little trick about its low shelf, and tips on mixing and mastering.

The Pumpkin plugin uses saturation to host four different modes. Saturation gives the sound dimension, making it sound deeper and more intense, with the added bonus of built-in EQ to control and fine-tune the audio output. The modes are identified as Toupe, Violet, Crimson, and Gunmetal. While each mode brings something different to the table, the reviewer recommends trying out Toupe and Violet first.

Another aspect highlighted is the drive. This controls the saturation level and can drastically change the sound based on the amount of input. A high drive gives off a higher saturation, resulting in a deeper, richer sound.

The Pumpkin plugin further offers pre and post low and high shelf EQ. This allows the user to control the frequencies before and after the signal enters the saturation process. Achieve a perfect sound output by experimenting with these features and creating your desired sound.

The Acoustica Pumpkin is a free, but high-quality audio plugin making waves in the music production industry. For starters or professionals looking to switch things up a bit, the Pumpkin plugin is an excellent tool to consider.

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