Acustica Audio Ultima 2024 v9.1.26.3

Overview of Acustica Audio Ultima

Acustica Audio has released a unique and innovative plugin named Ultima 4. The software is essentially an embodiment of the iconic Fairchild audio processing components. The Ultima 4 comes complete with the Fairchild 670 compressor, Fairchild 627 EQ, Fairchild 658 reverb and an additional parametric EQ. Acustica Audio has an impressive reputation for providing more than expected to its users and this plugin proves no different.

One of the eminent features of the Fairchild 670 is its characteristic attack and release. The compressor possesses an interconnected release-attack setup that could be experienced the best in a manual setup. Although it is not a very speedy compressor, its unique tone makes it stand apart. The distinct properties include a sidechain filter, input trim, meters for gain reduction, and other functionalities. This stereo compressor is priceless and effective when used in mono tracks. Users can also operate the compression for each channel independently or link both.

Ultima 4 also encompasses the highly unique Fairchild 627 EQ. This incredibly rare tube EQ, only five units of which were supposedly made, was predominantly used in record cutting and EQing processes.

The bundle also includes a variant of parametric EQ identified as the American EQ. This particular EQ comprises three distinct bands for versatile sound shaping.

Acoustica Audio also incorporated a bonus in Ultima 4 – a spring reverb based on Fairchild’s model 658 reverberation. Users can use this for adding harmonic distortion or for manipulating the pre-delay and the reverb time, among other parameters.

As stated earlier, Acustica Audio software includes a unique tone that adds to the quality of the mix, placing the Ultima 4 among the prefered choices of plugins. The plugin exhibits an excellent performance when used with drums or vocal tracks and other elements of a mix. It was observed that the Ultima 4 holds the tonal elements together more effectively when under compression, providing a fuller sound as compared to its counterparts.

So, if you looking for that archetype Fairchild sound with additional plugins and at a reasonable price, Acustica Audio’s Ultima 4 should be your go-to choice.

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