Adobe Acrobat Pro 2024 v9.7.21.10

Overview of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful software, often overlooked by many organizations. People may have licenses to this software or have other Adobe tools as part of their package but they might not be taking full advantage of how valuable this software can be.

This beginner’s tutorial aims to cover key aspects that will help you get started and easily navigate through Adobe Acrobat Pro. It includes creating a PDF document, editing a PDF, adding a digital e-signature, requesting e-signatures, and even selectively saving your work as a read-only copy to prevent any modifications.

Adobe Acrobat Pro offers the capability to edit PDFs in a variety of ways including changing the text and images, adding new text or images and even rotating, flipping or cropping images. Additionally, you can add various types of checkmarks or “X” symbols anywhere on the document.

A notable feature is the software’s ability to auto create web links from URLs present in the document. The software also enables the modification of order of pages and combining of files with a convenient drag and drop feature.

For a seamless user experience, Adobe Acrobat Pro provides different view options from one-page view to a two-page view or multiple pages. It allows users to adjust their view as per their requirements.

But the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Pro does not end here. It goes a step further in providing a comprehensive collaboration and sharing platform. It allows you to share your documents with others, add comments, set an editing deadline and even define whether or not others can make modifications to your document.

Another extremely useful feature is creating an e-signature that can easily be added anywhere on your document. You can simply choose from typing your name, drawing it using a mouse, or even uploading an image of your signature. This e-signature can then be resized and positioned wherever needed.

Adobe Acrobat Pro has much more to offer. Its dynamic functionalities facilitate an intuitive environment for users to work on documents, making it a worthy tool for academic, professional or personal use.

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