Adobe Illustrator 2024 v9.0.69.8

Overview of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a renowned program, a powerful utility that countless people desire yet often struggle to use efficiently. This tutorial navigates you through the correct use of this program ensuring a smooth exploration. While using this program, it’s crucial to first deactivate your antivirus. On the right bottom corner, right-click on the antivirus icon and pause the shields or protection temporarily.

Next, ensure you have WinRAR installed in your system. If not, a quick Google search and download will solve the issue. Right-click the Illustrator program and choose ‘Open’, then press ‘Extract here’. Accept all permissions and you will now have opened a small folder. This folder contains an executable (icon resembling a dragon). Running this executable will initiate the installation process for the new version of Adobe Illustrator.

When the installation finishes, refrain from immediately opening the program. Instead, visit ‘Utilities’ and click the first option, commencing a quick process. After its completion, click the fourth option to end the process. Once fulfilled, this will leave you with a fully activated Adobe Illustrator, free from limitations.

Upon opening Adobe Illustrator, you might notice that it will initially be in a foreign language. Don’t worry, you can change the language to your preference. In my case, I selected Spanish. There’s also an option provided to resolve any Windows-associated problems.

At the end of the process, you’ll have the full version of Adobe Illustrator, with all its features unlocked at 100% efficiency. After ensuring its proper functioning, remember to reactivate your antivirus to keep your system secure. And voila! You’ve successfully installed and activated Adobe Illustrator.

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