AntBox from Mercurial Audio 2024 v9.0.82.8

Overview of AntBox from Mercurial Audio

Antbox from Mercurial Audio takes existing plugins and combines them into a single plugin with a unified user interface and signal flow. This software offers a variety of features, including a selection between the Euphoria plug-in based on a Bogner Ecstasy, the U530 based on an angle preamp, and Re-Axis based on a Boogie Tri-Axis. The software also offers the opportunity to experience new features when you update the software.

One of the major advantages of this software is that it reduces the effort of switching between plugins while recording or re-amping. If you want to quickly audition the difference between Re-Axis and Euphoria on a track, for instance, you don’t have to use separate plugins.
Also, the software comes with a built-in gate, a graphic EQ, several overdrive models, distortion models, reverb, chorus, delay, and a parametric EQ. All these elements so you can customize your entire guitar amp tone workflow all within a single plugin.

The approach to the workflow is not complicated. For instance, if you want to use the features of Euphoria plug-in as a crunchy preset, it is possible to channel two to a Plexi mode or a high gain structure. The basic amp model, a pre-gain graphic EQ, and other features like a built-in boost are available for your usage.

On the other hand, the presets available in this software come with an assortment of options for all types of users. For example, the LT Grease preset is inspired by the 80s tone with delay and chorus effects. Similarly, there is a preset called Crystalline built around the neck and middle combo on a strat.

In addition to the features mentioned, the software developers have made considerable effort to capture the interaction between the guitar and the amp in these presets. The final result being that each of the presets captures a different mood and effect.
For more options, the software also comes with many artist presets from renowned players like Marco Sfogli, making it an even more appealing toolkit for guitarists.

As for future releases from Mercurial, it is anticipated that this current directional change with consolidating amp modeling plug-in formats should enable them to roll out new updates more effortlessly. Consequently, it is hoped that they will work on features like a panning delay or basic spring reverb that could improve the experience with the existing amp sounds.

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