Arturia Augmented Woodwinds 2024 v9.2.99.8

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Overview of Arturia Augmented Woodwinds

Arturia presents its newest virtual hybrid instrument, Augmented Woodwinds, a modern software instrument uniting a library of orchestral and solo woodwind samples with dynamic synthesis engines for modern production. Its versatile algorithm allows an infinite variety of new tones and colours. With stunning presets and features, you can explore and create intimate and commanding woodwind sounds for your soundtracks and compositions.

Augmented Woodwinds operates on two panels, the play page and the advanced panel. The play page controls expression and macros, allowing quick adjustments to sound. The advance panel grants more in-depth sound design control with two layers of sound based on your custom combination of orchestral, solo, and processed woodwind samples with its built-in synth engines.

With the central interface, you can create instant changes to tone character colour pitch and envelope settings. Additionally, each preset features unique macros for variety in crafting sound. As you mix between layers A and B, the morph knob enables you to morph through sounds and controls up to eight parameters simultaneously.

On the Advanced panel, you will find layer setup, modulators, arpeggiator, effects, and macro customization all to give you deeper control and accessibility. The layer set up features two sound generators per layer and four generators in total. In the synthesis section, the engines provide custom presets made specifically to complement the original woodwinds recordings.

With augmented Woodwinds, modifying and controlling aspects of the built-in modulators provides a certain level of interest and versatility to your sound creation. The modulation page features LFOs, functions, random generators, and keyboard behaviours.

To enhance rhythmical patterns and sequences, you have the arpeggiator page which enables and controls velocity, gate, chords and playback direction. Adding to the depth of sound are the effects section and layer effects that hold two separate effects per layer, allowing for a total of four effects at once.

Finally, the macros page allows you to see the current mapped parameters for each sound macro and define the amount of modulation for each of them. You can easily change your mapped parameters and their values as needed.

Explore more with the inspiring and creative sounds of Augmented Woodwinds and expand your production horizons.

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