Arturia Effects Collection 2024 v9.2.76.8

Overview of Arturia Effects Collection

Arturia Effects Collection is a noteworthy compilation of 30 plug-in bundles that include preamps, EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, distortion, modulation, and filters. In the latest version, Arturia Effects Collection 4, they have innovatively revamped this collection.

The Arturia Effects Collection 4 offers a new Reverb plug-in titled LX24. LX24, inspired by a notable reverb unit from the 80s, stands out for its long, lush-sounding tail. Arturia has managed to retain the essence of the original sound while making specific adaptations, such as providing an alternative viewing option for adjusting your settings more intuitively.

Furthermore, this collection introduces the Rotary CLS-22, a plug-in that mimics the sound of a Leslie rotary speaker. The sound it produces gives the effect of mechanical rotation, which can be controlled to create a diverse range of sounds.

In addition, the collection has Filter MS20, another impressive addition that allows for both distortion and filtering processes. You can run them in series or split the signal between the two, offering you great control over the generated sound.

A fourth plugin added to this collection is Cold Fire. Known for its distortion capabilities, Cold Fire can generate complex rhythms, and has easily adjustable settings for pre and post filters.

Lastly, the Arturia Effects Collection 4 brings you an advanced modulation feature in the Distortion plug-ins, enabling control over varying distortion processes.

Whether you are looking for long reverb tails, rotary speaker effects, comprehensive distortion and filtering processes, or advanced modulation features, the Arturia Effects Collection 4 houses it all in one impressive software package.

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