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Overview of Audified 1A

Another exciting release in the Baltic Cube line of audio software, this new EQ by rd5 offers an intriguing originality to its users. The power of the Audified 1A shines where it offers a Bold Tech EQ that can transform your audio from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why does this EQ make a difference, you may wonder.

The standout feature of Baltic plugins, such as the Universal Audio and the Waves Buick Deck EQP1AS, is their separate controls for both cut and boost. This results in a unique EQ behavior that gives you control over the sound shaping process.

The Audified 1A, on the other hand, offers this feature with an added bonus. It has control dials that help you shape your sound, varying from the subtlest harmonics to out-rightly audible saturation. Additionally, its calibration dial gives full command over your sound.

Another smart addition to this plugin is the buttons that let you work in mid-side or on either side of a stereo signal independently. With the ability to boost higher frequencies in the signal’s sides, it lends the highs a sense of width, making the sounds richer.

When compared with popular alternatives from Universal Audio and Waves, the Audified 1A shows an entirely different behavior. Both Universal Audio and Waves lift the sound by one decibel by default, which may mislead some users into thinking these plugins are superior. However, Audified 1A does not give such illusions. From boosting low-end audio to sounds appearing more woolly than others, this plugin maintains its uniqueness.

The Universal Audio Pultec boasts precision at the beginning of the scale, whereas Audified 1A offers severe scaling even in the small details. The plugin includes a saturation dial and Left / Right mid-side options, providing a short list of reasons to choose Audified 1A over other EQ plugins.

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