BLEASS Arpeggiator 2024 v9.6.14.5

Overview of BLEASS Arpeggiator

Today, we take a deep dive into the brand new app from B ARP jator. This versatile software can be used in two distinctive ways – as a midi effect for a supercharged arpeggiator, or in Standalone where it serves as a synth or an FM synth. The software provides the functionality to draw in MIDI and trigger any instrument of choice.

When running as a midia effect, similar to zoa riffer, it takes arpeggiation to a completely different platform. The user-friendly interface allows to customize various settings such as the octave range, note repeats, play mode, and change chords easily. An exciting feature is the ability to randomize the velocity. Moreover, you can control the gate and also decide how many times the arpeggio repeats before it stops.

In terms of patterns, the software carries a rich library of 62 different patterns to choose from. As for effects, there are two available LFOs – the classic blee lfos. Each of these can be switched on, and a destination can be chosen from the list available. You also have access to a classic motion sequencer that you can set up as you wish, just like you can with other B apps.

Now, when you switch to the synth version, all the same functionality is available in addition to the synth engine. The synth also comes with delay, and you can embark on some genuinely creative explorations by using the randomizer feature. And if that was not enough, pre-set arpeggiation patterns, chords, and effects help tailor sound to your liking.

The B ARP jator comes across as truly transformative when it comes to arpeggiation. With a plethora of customization options, you can create unique sounds easily. So if you’re in the market for an app that takes arpeggiation to new heights without complicating the process, the B ARP jator is worth considering.

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