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Overview of Bliss Plugin Suite

In this article, we are focusing on the plugin suite from Bliss. The suite comprises four plugins – reverb, a shimmer reverb, a delay, and a chorus. Software users are recommended to give these plugins a try, especially since they are currently on sale and you can get the entire package for a reasonable price.

The Bliss Reverb is particularly interesting. To demonstrate its sound, we’re using a synth patch from the vitalsent, part of the Omega preset pack. We’ve deactivated the reverb in the effects here on the vitalsent, leaving a dry signal for us to examine. This dry signal already has a unique vinyl sizzle at the top end, but activating the reverb reveals its true character.

The reverb comes with various adjustments – length parameter, wetness, filter cutoff, and even a frequency shifter through the transform pad. Additionally, the Bliss Reverb includes gain control for the input, pre-delay, room size, modulation rate and amount, length, a high-frequency dampener.

The reverb is also paired with a ducking effect, which allows the dry sound to come up front, and the reverb comes back as soon as you stop playing the keyboard. This ducking effect is a great tool when you want to create a more upfront lead in your music tracks.

The Bliss Suite also features a shimmer reverb, which is notably high in quality. There are two copies of the reverbs here, and you can pitch one of them up and one down, creating a pleasant smeary effect. Then we have the chorus effect and the delay effect, each with its own unique set of features and potential uses.

Ultimately, the Bliss plugins stand out due to their professional sound, immense tone-shaping capabilities, and the built-in ducking feature that allows leads to pop out in the mix, all available at an affordable price.

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