CapCut 2024 v9.1.15.4

Overview of CapCut

CapCut is a remarkable software that allows you to create some impressive visual effects using a feature called masks. With CapCut, if you’re ever bothered by the default logo at the end of your newly created project, you can easily remove it by just unchecking the toggle on the home screen settings gear. Additionally, CapCut isn’t just for mobile users. You can edit videos on the web or via a desktop app for either Windows or Mac.

The software is known to be most feature-rich in the mobile app though. CapCut affords users the ability to convert text-to-speech or even text-to-song, adding a funny twist to your video editing. A hidden jewel within CapCut is the ability to generate auto captions, basically matching word for word what you’re saying and overlaying it on your video.

On CapCut’s mobile version, you can do some quite interesting things such as tracking. With tracking, you can make text float over an object giving a cool effect. A unique attribute of CapCut is the ability to use keyframes. Keyframes allow you to define a state at one point in time and then define the state at another point in time and Capcut will morph between those two different keyframes. Plus, this isn’t limited to just video. You can use it for audio to adjust the volume.

CapCut also supports green screens or what’s also known as chroma key, both on desktop and mobile giving a super sleek look behind your actual video. To wrap it all up, you can use masks on both mobile and desktop to give your videos some fascinating visual effects.

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