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Overview of Cherry Audio Harmonia

Cherry Audio has developed a unique, intriguing synth, Harmonia that offers an easy way to create your own patches. Let’s delve into how Harmonia sounds, and its advanced features.

You can get started with simple base sounds or graduate to the more complicated and unique soundscape types of sounds. The preset selection is impressive, but the real joy is in creating your own patches. Click on ‘new’ for a new preset and choose your waveform from the significant range offered. You have the conventional analog ones like pulse and saw square along with more complex waveforms.

Creating your patch is as simple as selecting a waveform, let’s select ‘Growl High.’ It presents a great starting point, allowing you to manually adjust the initial level. You can observe and interact with the eight harmonics of your sound.

If desired, you can modify these using the root waveform. The sound can be manipulated by adding harmonics, even up to eight octaves higher. The sound so far is basic, but you can add movement by adjusting the center. If you want interactive control, you can automate the process by MIDI learning and control it with your MIDI controller.

Harmonia also includes an LFO addition. Click on ‘LFOs’ and select ‘LFO 1.’ You could choose a starting point for the LFO in the center and then use the width controls to adjust the movement. It also offers harmonic presets, enabling a new exploration beyond the basic 1 through 8 harmonics.

Beyond this, you can add in another oscillator and engage in different sorts of modulations. For example, the application of a simple sine wave with just a little bit of shift can change the sound dramatically and make it rich. Additionally, you can assign each oscillator a separate LFO for more sophisticated sounds.

Cherry Audio Harmonia keeps impressing with its array of original synth offerings and adaptations of vintage ones. If you enjoyed the Vintage Novachord, Harmonia might just be the next thing to explore. Check it out today, and boost your creativity in the world of synths!

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