Complete Control 2024 v9.3.10.10

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Overview of Complete Control

Complete Control is a versatile plugin that many people have come to rely on and favor over the years. It’s not only a helpful tool, but given it’s complicated interface, becomes even more gratifying once you understand how to use it. This software shines the most when used in a project setting.

Complete Control is a plugin that also functions as a fancy midi keyboard. It comes in multiple sizes, and some even have larger screens. The design and the quality of the keyboards are excellent. Its real power, however, lies in how Complete Control can link your Native Instrument software, your DAW, and your Complete Control keyboard into a single, cohesive system. Once this connection is established, all the knobs and buttons become pre-mapped which enables faster workflow and generally a more enjoyable experience.

One of the best attributes of Complete Control is the plugin integration. Once all the instruments are connected, you will find a list of all your instruments – whether it’s a contact library or a synth like Massive. You can use your keyboard or mouse to browse your instruments.

The software also includes a filter function that makes it easier to find specific presets. For instance, if you’re looking for a dirty electric guitar from Native Instruments, just use the brand knob to find native instruments, then select the type of instrument, and further refine your search until you find what you’re looking for.

This capability doesn’t just extend to Native Instruments products. It can integrate with any sample library that is NKS compatible. If you have a non-NKS product, you can still use it with Complete Control by using the knob icon on the top menu. You can also customize the preset to suit your preferences.

Complete Control also makes it easy to record your music. You can turn on the metronome, write automation with the knobs, and add effects. You can also save your custom setup for future use. The software also includes DAW navigation and mixing capabilities, making it an all-around tool for your music production needs.

Once you’ve mastered Complete Control, it becomes an invaluable part of your music production process. The software is not only efficient but also enhances the enjoyment in creating music.

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Now that we’ve discussed the features, it’s important to note the kind of keyboard. The software allows the perfect integration of your DAW, midi keyboard, and Native Instruments software. This convenience will enable faster work processes and a smoother workflow.

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