Baby Audio Crystalline 2024 v9.2.41.7

Overview of Crystalline

Crystalline is a state-of-art algorithmic reverb tweakable for a diverse range of usage. It rides on the excellence of classic 20th-century studio reverbs, adding superior fidelity and depth thanks to contemporary processing power and advanced algorithmic design. Also, Crystalline comes with creative features that previous users of digital reverbs could only dream of. This software is available for both Windows and Mac, compatible with all major DAWs, and comes loaded with a range of presets to get you started.

Crystalline’s user interface is effortless to navigate. For instance, its size can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the lower right corner. While using this reverb tool, you can change the color scheme to your liking, store, load, and import your presets easily. You can reset the controls to their initial setting by double-clicking them, and reset the entire plugin to the initial state of the loaded preset at any time.

This tool offers a time and level setting that permits blending between the incoming signal and the reverb using the dry-wet slider. It comes with a unique ‘Docker’ feature, acting like a sidechain compressor, which reduces the level of the reverb every time a dry signal comes. This feature is handy for preventing your sound from drowning in reverb and ensuring the dry signal cuts through.

Additionally, Crystalline offers a range of decay times. You can set these times both manually or in synchronization with your project’s tempo, enabling the reverb to be used musically. Furthermore, Crystalline has a freeze button that can hold the reverb as long as you wish.

This plug-in also allows shaping and fine-tuning of the reflections, size, sparkle, and width. For instance, with size, you can select the room size that has a significant effect on the character of the delay. You can choose from five different sizes depending on your requirement.

What sets Crystalline apart is its section called ‘Cleanup,’ home to three tools essential for fitting the reverb into the mix. One such tool is the ‘Transient’ slider that shifts the emphasis of the reverb algorithm towards or away from the transient. This control is essential in fine-tuning the reverb’s response to your sound, allowing for smoother and more even responses.

With an extensive range of features, Crystalline is designed to provide for all your musical needs and inspire creativity. Remember, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use Crystalline. So experiment freely, make it truly yours, and above all, enjoy the journey of creating music with Crystalline.

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