D16 Tekturon 2024 9.3.36 download crack

Overview of D16 Tekturon

The D16 Tekturon is an incredibly innovative multi-tap sequence delay plugin that boasts 16 delay lines built inside. The results from this software are genuinely mind-blowing, and you can get highly distinctive sounds out of it, which can transform your audio significantly.

The software offers features like volume control, delay, feedback, pan, spread, filter type, and cut-off and resonance controls for each of the 16 delay lines. Providing such functionality directly at your fingertips, you don’t need to install 16 separate delay modules – everything you need is wrapped up into one, making it an efficient and practical tool that eases audio manipulation.

It provides a predominance of versatility – letting you control the delay lines individually, allowing you to turn on and off the delay, alter the feedback, change the spread of left and right channels separately, apply various filter types, and more.

The Tekturon makes it possible to get an even longer delay using the delay grid and to set up extended delays when necessary. The software lets you control each delay line to the nth degree, allowing you to get immersive and unique sound results, unlike any standard delay.

This plugin has an extensive preset library, ranging in several categories like echo, reverb, spatial wave shapers, and more. Experimenting with these presets can inspire you to create your own and explore the boundaries of what the software can do. All in all, D16 Tekturon’s flexible and robust features make it a must-have for anyone interested in diving deeper into sound manipulation.

Visit their official website to download the plugin [here](https://d16.pl/tekturon).

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D16 Tekturon
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