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Overview of Digital Performer

Digital Performer version 11, developed by MOTU, introduces a plethora of fantastic improvements in this latest release. Crucial changes include version two of the Nano Sampler instrument which now features an entirely redesigned user interface filled with useful enhancements for music creation.

The interface now includes three playback modes (Classic, One Shot, and Slice) which provide more flexibility for managing your sounds. It also contains the ZTX time stretching feature which includes both standard and format corrected versions. Nano Sampler V2 also supports a broader sound file format, including 32-bit and 64-bit floating point sound files.

Another valued feature added to the Digital Performer version 11 is the comprehensive settings tab that grants users access to the amplitude envelope, filter envelope, and the LFO. Another pivotal tool added is an option for snap start and end points for the sample slice and loop, which help eliminate clicks during playback.

The development has also led to the addition of the Articulation Maps feature, allowing users to access several articulations within extensive sound libraries. Further added sophistication include support for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), Audio retrospective record, and Live performance mode.

Digital Performer 11 additionally enables users to control clips using a pad controller like Akai APC 40 or the Novation Launchpad Pro. It maintains enhanced compatibility with Novation’s new controllers including the complete Control series from Native Instruments and QCon Pro family from Icon. The software carries a remarkable intelligence, offering practical features like the Transpose exclude, which prevents selected tracks from transposing.

This new version also provides a more flexible management of your chunk list through new chunk folders and split view features. With the option to add up to 16 channels in a single MIDI track, this software upgrade realizes the need for complexity and more massive data handling in sound creation and editing.

On a final note, Digital Performer 11 supports the systems settings and includes text scaling for a refined, crisper look in the mixer. The software is fully qualified for Mac OS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Max. With these upgrades and more, Digital Performer 11 is a major update you would undoubtedly love to explore.

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