EaseUS Partition Master 2024 9.3.100 download crack

Overview of EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a popular free software that’s been around for a long time, often used to resize partitions. Upon launching the program, you will be given the option to use three free tools: data recovery, backup and recovery, and PC transfer.

The software became particularly helpful when I upgraded to Windows 10 on a separate partition on my hard drive. Since all my external hard drives were completely packed, I found myself needing to slowly move my files over to the new partition.

The procedure to resize a partition is simple with this tool. From my old C drive partition, I had to shrink it in order to enlarge my new Windows 10 partition. All I had to do was click on the partition I wanted to shrink, and select ‘resize’. I was then able to shrink the partition, freeing up about 12GB of space.

Our next step was to add that freed-up space to my C partition. Again, I clicked on the C partition and selected ‘resize’. From here, I was able to stretch out the existing partition to add the unallocated space I had just created.

Once all these steps were completed, I hit ‘apply’. The software then showed the pending operations and I had to confirm them before proceeding. This process caused my computer to restart and upon starting up again, the partition master got to work, performing the two operations: shrinking the first partition and extending the C drive.

Once the operations were completed, my computer started up normally. Upon checking the partitions on Windows, the partitions were resized as desired. My 12GB that was originally from the E Drive was now added to the C Drive.

Overall, EaseUS Partition Master is a great tool for managing and resizing partitions on your computer. It’s simple to use and highly functional. Whether you’re upgrading your operating system or just looking to make better use of your drive space, this software can be extremely useful.

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