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Overview of Easy CD Audio Converter

Ever wondered how to rip music CDs into mp3s on Windows? Let me introduce you to a nifty software called ‘Easy CD Audio Converter’. This converter is free and can easily replace Windows Media Player, especially considering the fact that the latest Windows 11 version lacks a ripping option.

The process to use Easy CD Audio Converter is simple. Download it from the Microsoft Store and install on your device. Once launched, the software presents an interface that comprises options like audio converter, disk burner, and disk image eraser.

To start ripping your CD, insert it into your CD drive. Then, select the ‘Audio CD Ripper’ option in the software. This will automatically fetch the artist information alongside other details. If this information isn’t available, you have the choice to input it manually.

Usability doesn’t end there. The software gives you an option to retrieve metadata from the CD, which includes album cover and track names. On the right-hand side of the interface, the software allows you to choose the format you want to convert the music into. MP3, WAV files, Windows Media Audio, and more formats are readily available on the software.

One of the astounding features of Easy CD Audio Converter is the quality customization. You can choose quality ranging from the default 185 up to 280 based on your preference. There is also an option to create the highest quality MP3, but this will consequentially lead to a larger file size.

Easy CD Audio Converter also allows you to specify the output directory. You can set it to wherever you wish, default being the ‘Music’ folder under your username. You can also change the format of the file name and choose how you want to sequence the artist, album, and title.

Upon finalizing your selections, all you need to do next is to click on the ‘rip’ button. The software will take care of the rest and save off the finished files ready for your enjoyment!

The overall process is rapid and efficient. In test runs, the software successfully converted 11 tracks in just about three and a half minutes with zero errors. The final output constitutes a folder with the band name, album name, track numbers alongside song title, and even comes with some information for each music file.

What’s more? You can edit the metadata of each music file to fine-tune the details if need be. This makes Easy CD Audio Converter not only a powerful utility but also a flexible tool for your music. In conclusion, it’s a free and user-friendly software that gets the job done without a hitch. Try it out now!

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