Effectrix 2024 v9.6.15.4

Overview of Effectrix

Effectrix is an exciting software for those who are fans of audio effects. The upcoming version contains exciting new features to automate, sequence, and alter sounds until they take a completely different, yet awesome form.

With Effectrix, you can explore various features. There’s a distinct new feature which allows you choose your custom color scheme. Existing presets can easily be navigated using the left and right arrows or by clicking the preset names and browsing by category. It also gives the liberty to store individual configurations of sound effects and sequences for easy recall. Effectrix keyboard is MIDI ready, meaning that you can easily control it with an external keyboard or send MIDI notes from the host application.

You can also regulate how the processed audio mixes with the unprocessed audio with four options available: a linear mix, an equal mix, a classic dry/wet mix, and a wet only output. A global control allows you to randomize all the sequences from light to extreme levels. You can clear, copy, and paste your sequences too.

Sequencing patterns and controlling playback in Effectrix is dynamic. The host can control playback or you can turn this off and control the start and stop manually. The tempo control feature allows for speeding up or slowing down the sequencer. You have the liberty to set loop markers and adjust them as per your need.

Effectrix offers flexibility with the order of signal flow. Depending on whether you want to modulate the signal before looping it or vice versa, you can switch the order as needed. For each effect, there’s a drop-down menu, making it possible to clear the track, randomize it, or fill it differently.

Effectrix is thus a powerhouse effect plugin that takes your audio game to another level.

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