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Before we dive into the installation process, let’s briefly introduce Kodak and Phoenix. Kodak is a robust software suite designed for professional color grading and correction, while Phoenix offers advanced video editing and post-production capabilities. Both tools are essential for filmmakers, editors, and colorists seeking high-quality results.


Installation Steps

  1. Accessing the Installation Wizard
    • Open the Kodak or Phoenix installation file.
    • Proceed through the initial pages, ensuring to read the release notes for important information.
  2. Choosing Software Version (Phoenix)
    • In Phoenix, you’ll be prompted to select the version corresponding to your license.
    • Choose the appropriate version before proceeding.
  3. Navigating the Installation Options (Kodak)
    • For Kodak, you’ll encounter options for installation drivers and setups.
    • Select the desired components, including Precision Control Panel, Tangent Element, Arc panel support, and more based on your setup requirements.
  4. Completing the Installation
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
    • Be sure to install necessary drivers, such as the Aja video driver and QuickTime 7 if required.
  5. Post-Installation Setup
    • After installation, you’ll find new folders on your system drive containing Kodak or Phoenix files.
    • Run the software and input your license file when prompted, ensuring not to modify any information within the file.
    • Set up necessary folders for media cache and other preferences as prompted by the software.
  6. Finalizing Setup
    • Once installation is complete, you’ll have shortcuts to access the software and related documentation.
    • Optionally, you can utilize the Precision emulator for testing purposes.
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