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Overview of Gig Performer

Gig Performer is a software designed to cater to the need of musicians who want to manage and control their plugins from a single platform during a live performance. Its latest version Gig Performer 4 has further enhanced the musicians’ experience with added and upgraded features to make the live performances even better.

Diving into the first ten minutes of Gig Performer 4, it offers an update to its live hosting software that takes your music to new heights. It comes with advanced support for audio interfaces and MIDI inputs. As you download the software, the first thing you should do is configure your audio interface and MIDI inputs. The software detects any keyboards you’re using as well as any accessories you have connected to your monitors. The interface allows you to personalize your settings under a variety of options, enhancing your setup.

Gig Performer 4 has an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to set up virtual instruments in a few simple steps. A notable feature is the wiring spot that allows you to connect a VST or AU instrument to an audio output, facilitating instant configuration. Using this feature, you can also connect MIDI devices to your instrument. The software also features a panel view and a wiring page that allows you to input your string sets and add sounds to your performance.

Gig Performer 4 allows multiple MIDI outputs to work with different instruments, making your performance more versatile and dynamic. You can independently adjust the volume of different instruments, and there’s also the feature that allows you to control the volume with a physical knob from your MIDI controller.

You can easily set up your panel in Gig Performer 4. This can include labels, allowing you to easily identify different sounds. The interface also provides text labels and tape labels that you can use to tag each sound to your liking. This labeling system allows you to switch between different sounds very quickly.

The software provides a customizable user interface, and you can personalize the settings by labeling each added function according to your preference. Gig Performer 4 also allows you to combine sounds and create complex routing and effects.

Gig Performer 4 strives to offer you a limitless experience. The software provides an immersive environment for musicians allowing you to create, manage and perform your music without any hurdles.

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