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Overview of Infiltrator Software

In this guide, we will be exploring Infiltrator, the first-tier formation software. To fully utilize Infiltrator, we need to secure a stronghold key card, clear out a Terminus Stronghold, and finally retrieve Terminus outcomes record.

Being needed stronghold key cards can be easily obtained from mercenary outposts. One could potentially find these outposts while traversing the road, such as a mercenary Camp. These camps can range from small to significantly larger, with the larger ones posing a slightly higher risk level.

After clearing out the camp, located with a small TP icon in tier 2 zones, and removing potential threats like turrets, you would find small chests with the required stronghold key cards.

The next step would be to head to a mercenary stronghold, identifiable with a specific marker. On your journey, you are expected to clear it out overcoming challenges from more-armored Shadow Company agents. Introducing yourself to the stronghold can be done from the top to ease the process of clearance.

With the stronghold cleared out, your next mission would be to find the safe you are looking for. Upon locating the safe, drill it for a few minutes while holding off reinforcements that arrive by air.

With the safe finally open and reinforcements taken care of, you should be able to find the Terminus outcomes making sure to check around the area of the safe as it might not be directly inside the safe.

At the completion of this process, you would have successfully navigated through using the Infiltrator, and finishes off your mission, thus enabling you to fully utilize the software.

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