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Overview of Killer Hearts Version 2

Killer Hearts Version 2 is a significant update that levels up sound design potential for musicians, producers, DJs, composers, sound designers in film, theater, and games, or anyone else with audio in their life. This overhaul to the entire Killerheart’s ecosystem pushes the boundaries of audio processing and synthesis systems, offering users an intuitive modular snap-in system. This allows you to use the individual effects as standalone plugins in your DAW of choice or as snap-ins within our three hosts: Snap Heap, Multi-pass, and the increasingly powerful modular soft synth, Phase Plant.

Version 2 raises the game across the board, offering limitless modulation in Snap Heap and Multi-parts for the first time and adding a host of new upgrades. This includes the complex multi-segment envelope generator ‘Curve’ with looping for intense customizable modulation journeys. The LFO ‘Table’, ready for modulation use, aids in multi-morphing madness. ‘Remap Track’ maps an input signal to a different output, ideal for playing with probability. ‘Sample and Hold’ widget lets you use triggers to capture single values from a changing signal; ‘Audio Follower’ tracks the amplitude of an incoming audio signal and generates a modulation signal based on it. The Control ‘Pitch Tracker’ analyzes incoming audio for note values to modulate parameters elsewhere.

For more control and options, the new sophisticated and controllable triggering system allows one modulator to set off another, promoting truly modular style generative chain reactions. The product also includes MPE support, providing full range MIDI Polyphonic Expression for multidimensional sound design and manipulation. The newly added external automation for any parameter allows for greater interaction with the DAW regardless of the complexity of the effect built. On top of this, modulation connections are more visible for quicker identification and the control of modulating parameters through the updated modulation target menu.

With the intent of maximizing ease during use, Version 2 introduces effects groups and modulator groups for tidier and more manageable workstations, even when your creativity is at its peak. These groups are nameable, providing customization at the user’s fingertips. This comprehensive upgrade of Killer Hearts Version 2 introduces new factory presets showcasing the new features, additions to the wavetable and LFO libraries, and numerous bug fixes and optimizations, promising a significant boost to your creative capabilities.

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