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Overview of Loudness Jackhammer

It started with an ad, and as I found myself curious, I decided to dive into exploring the Loudness Jackhammer. Sure, I’ve got a roster of videos lined up, but sometimes, you’ve just got to go with what piques your interest. Loudness Jackhammer identifies itself as a dynamic single and multiband processor; it’s an unconventional plugin and promises to deliver quick, epic results.

The Loudness Jackhammer seeks to boost your audio’s volume, providing a louder output not just for your mix or master but also for individual tracks. So, whether your track sounds thin or weak, the goal here is to highlight it or push it through, charming the audience by its sheer audacity.

What’s interesting about Loudness Jackhammer is that it goes beyond showing you what it can do; it shows you how it sounds. And don’t worry, it runs on almost everything, although it isn’t natively compatible with M1 Apple silicon and requires an iLok account. But here’s a plus: they offer a free trial!

Just a heads up, though, Loudness Jackhammer’s demo installation does ask for some personal information, posing a bit of a departure from the standard demo experience.

On the surface, the interface looks pretty straightforward. It has input gain, output gain, denoise for high gain pushes, and a clipper. The plugin offers multiple modes and three characters, visually represented by a more cracked interface as the character gets heavier. However, it falls a bit short when it comes to visual feedback while using the plugin, allowing for a slight learning curve.

Where Loudness Jackhammer slightly falters is in maintaining a reliable audio output. It dwells on pushing uber loud audios, but it doesn’t quite deliver that under a zero-decibel level. Instead, it results in a combination of compression and volume amplification that eventually leads to clipping. It’s not exactly using the non-standard algorithm you might anticipate; instead, it’s partly executing the task on the DAW’s part.

To make it clear: clipping the output isn’t the answer. The type of distortion a clipping will create can vary from system to system, rendering the audio unreliable. It’s tackling gain where the problem lies. The simplest of tasks in audio, yet it seems this plugin, and several others, tend to overlook this aspect.

In a snapshot: Loudness Jackhammer comes with good marketing, visually appealing interface, and can be grabbed for 69 Euros. What it promises, it tries to deliver. However, it treads a delicate line by not approaching it in the right way. For tasks like volume amplification, you might not even need it, as the results can be achieved with stock plugins, ultimately leaving it up to you to decide whether this tool is a necessity or just a novelty.

You can take a look at a free demo yourself to see how it fits your requirements.

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