Magic Video Pro 2024 9.5.90 download crack

Overview of Magic Video Pro

Magic Video Pro X15 gains recognition for its enhanced capabilities and features. Launched only two months after the release of version 14, it has been seen as a significant advancement. New features and bugs fixed in this version have made it user-friendly and more reliable than the previous version, making the video editing process far more efficient.

Training for using Magic Video Pro X15 has also started for users to understand and get the hang of the software. Magic Video Pro X15 comes packed with a plethora of features that simplify video editing, providing a seamless workflow. Despite having a familiar engine as that of X14, X15 boasts enhanced functions that positively influence the overall performance.

The software runs smoothly on computers furnished with ARD grafix 770, indicating its compatibility with the latest version. Users can also leverage the best from their CPUs as the software takes advantage of both the main and small cores. The heavy lifting, however, is done predominantly by Nvidia RTX 3070, which couples with the CPU to enhance the performance even further.

Magic Video Pro X15 sports a well laid out interface that allows users to easily access vital functions. Additionally, users can find various other tools they need from the easily accessible program list. The interface also allows users to effortlessly reduce the resolution of their videos to save on space.


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