Martinique AX-73 2024 9.5.93 download crack

Overview of Martinique AX-73

Martinique, a cutting-edge software development company, has outdone themselves once again with the introduction of the mind-blowing AX-73 plugin. This remarkable piece of technology has been expertly crafted using advanced circuit emulation. This means that the original synthesizer’s circuitry has been analysed, reverse-engineered, and emulated down to the smallest idiosyncrasies – all to recreate the exact same sound.

Most impressive is the ease of use of the AX-73. There’s no more menu diving; all settings and parameters are immediately available, making for a user-friendly experience. Plus, now there are two layers, essentially giving you two AX-73s at your disposal. You can stack them, split them, and experiment to your heart’s content.

This software doesn’t stop at recreating the original sound. It steps it up with four envelopes per layer, giving you a total of eight envelopes. It features a sub-oscillator, lifted straight from the AX-80, and an effects area with eight effects options. There’s also an arpeggiator for added sonic variety.

The AX-73 is packed with numerous presets, offering a vast array of sounds for your musical endeavours. From classic 80’s bass to modern electronic tones, you’re sure to find the perfect sound for your project. Plus, with the addition of first-hand user sounds packaged with the AX-73 release, this plugin provides an abundance of inspiration and creative potential.

With an early bird offer currently on, you can bag this mesmerizing piece of software for 50% off! You’ll also find exclusive preset sounds in the package.

Opt for the Martinique AX-73 plugin, and you’ll be investing in a powerful, versatile software that offers so much more than an iconic sound. it’s an invitation to explore, experiment and create like never before.

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