Microsoft Office 2024 v9.0.67.9

Overview of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office desktop version brings immense value to your workstation, outdoing the free online Microsoft web office product. The many advantages of using the full versions of Office 365 on your desktop include access to advanced features, the ability to work offline, and direct utilization on your local disk without the necessity of uploading your office document to OneDrive.

There are noted distinctions between the online version and desktop version. For instance, some features may be less available or missing in one version than the other.

The installation of Office 365 on your computer is a straightforward process. This is achievable if you have a subscription or have made a one-time payment for your Office software, which costs around 250 dollars for home or business versions. You can directly install your Office from your account via the apps and devices section. If you have no subscription or license, you won’t be able to see the installation button.

A solution for those who don’t have a subscription can be found by using a completely free third-party tool known as Office 2 plus. This tool uses Microsoft Office deployment tools and the ospp Tool component to simplify the process and effectively help you install and activate Office, as well as manage licenses.

The Office 2 plus software expedites and simplifies the installation process. The related content can be found on the tool’s homepage. To use the tool, download and run the exe file.

With Office 2 plus, you have the flexibility to install Microsoft’s 365 apps or 365 Family Personal, Ltsc Professional Plus, and more. Depending on your needs, you can also install Project and Visual Professional as all these are accessible package options.

However, to get these applications functioning, you will need to activate them. Again, Office 2 plus comes in handy as it allows you to automatically accept the ULA, put in your MAK key, or configure your KMS if you are in an environment with a KMS company.

To deploy, remember to check and possibly change the architecture to 64 and then you can start deployment. This process can take about 20 minutes or more, depending on the number of components you selected to install.

Once you have installed Microsoft Office, it will need activation. You can accomplish this by inputting a product key or configuring your company’s KMS license settings. Always remember to use legitimate activation methods to ensure you have a fully operational and accredited Office system.

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