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Overview of Mixland SubLoom

The Mixland SubLoom is a unique plugin designed to enhance the mixing experience. This plugin serves as your last stop for mixing powerful and massive kick drums. It is highly effective and efficient, providing excellent sound quality across various musical genres, particularly in trap, hip-hop, pop, and all sorts of electronic music.

The Mixland SubLoom introduces two sound shaping or sound designing sections – kick on the left and sub on the right. These sections are divided by visual aids such as a trigger meter and transient switches for pre or post-processing. It also includes a bottom EQ curve for improving the frequency spectrum.

One of the standout features of the SubLoom is its ability to fine-tune your kick drums. You can use resonant high pass filters to bring your kick drums to life by finding the lowest usable fundamental and cutting off everything below it. This way, you gain headroom while increasing the resonance of the filter, making your kick drum seem bigger and more potent than it is.

For your customization, SubLoom includes a three-band EQ and three frequency choices for each band. As you manipulate the EQ on SubLoom, you’ll notice the different sonic impacts in the 360, 100, 1200, and 12k ranges. With an array of sound shaping options at your disposal, you can create the sound you’re looking for with ease.

Notably, SubLoom comes equipped with a transient knob for softening or enhancing attack, and a saturation knob for managing the level of saturation. It even includes three different types of saturation – subtle, harmonic warmed tube, and extreme third-order harmonics – each bringing its unique touch to your mix. To further expand on your creative options, the warp knob allows you to adjust the way the saturation interacts with the EQ.

Another advantage is the innovative treatment of the kick and sub as separate channels. The sub channel generates a sub synth sound added to your kick, and you can adjust the attack and decay to fit your preferences. Also featured is a pitch dive section, useful for designing unique kick drums intended specifically for your mix.

Overall, the Mixland SubLoom is a game-changer plugin for those seeking to boost the power and impact of their kick drums. Its unique features and user-friendly approach to fine-tuning kicks place it as a must-have for any producer looking for an edge in their mixing process.

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