Nectar 4 2024 v9.6.75.2

Overview of Nectar 4

Today, let’s delve into testing the new Nectar 4. This software has some far from ideal vocals, which we’ll show before and after tests. The vocals sound surprisingly good in their context. What do we have in this software? An auto-level function, some Pitch correction, which is quite automatic, and we’ve also got some EQ DSR and compressor set automatically for you. There are also some macros that may help to set some space.

Another exciting feature is the new Backer module. This generates using artificial intelligence, some backing vocals. They may sound a bit robotic but are very interesting. The software also corrects and adjusts the vocals automatically; it offers some settings that include compression correction and depending on your profile, possibly some Reverb And Delay.

Nectar 4’s unmasking preset feature will enable the vocal to cut through. It works extraordinarily well in this context. Also, it has an auto level feature with a bypass switch that allows you to observe the wavelength meters. When on, the vocal is levelled, so the quieter words are no longer much quieter. It works so well with the higher strength settings and a bigger range. You’ll probably get a much louder vocal.

The software also features a noises function that removes breaths if there were any, and it works perfectly well in its case. If you have Nectar 4 on the vocals, you can look for some automatic settings and see where it takes you. You can also choose the character, whether it should be bright or Airy.

Nectar 4 works wonders for those who wrap and mix their voice with the music. It’s a great tool that offers you initial settings and the chance to go from there. You can add saturation and depth and look for the right delay settings. There are several pre-set options, and about 80% of the time, you’ll be good to go.

For more creative ideas, you also have access to reverb and you’ve got compression, which is part of the most important thing. Of course, better sounding Reverb plugins exist, which can be found in the software. While it has voice correction tools, you may prefer to do it in Melodyne, but Melodyne is also included in the software.

Overall, Nectar 4 gives you more tools for vocals, which makes it an excellent choice for producers and creators. It works exceptionally well, and the masking feature is beneficial for those who record vocals and need them to fit over the beats.

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