Nuendo 13 2024 v9.1.62.3

Overview of Nuendo 13

Nuendo 13 features a complete production pipeline allowing creation, mixing, and offering of personalized and immersive experiences for the new 3D audio format, Ek_AG. The M_AG renderer plugin it offers manages tracks and related metadata, offering the functionality to create, configure, metadata parameters, and monitor changes in real-time.

This software allows users to export final mixes to a BWF ADM file. Each component can be defined, for instance, a content type or content language can be chosen, switch groups can be assigned or a component can be excluded from binarization, and gain ranges can be set for advanced user interactivity. Presets are core elements representing different mixes which users can select from later. Tracks can be defined as either beds or objects in the ADM authoring panel, showing up as object components or channel-based components.

The software offers the monitoring section for MH, providing a preview of presets and interactivity settings. It also enables listening to audio scenes in various speaker layouts, including Boral rendering. In the localization tab, users can create localized versions of all labels. Users can also set loudness specs for stereo and 5.1 down mixes in the down mix section. The dynamic gain section allows users to choose a component source and target for ducking.

Nuendo 13 offers a loudness section to quickly generate a comprehensive overview of the loudness values for each component and preset with offline loudness. Moreover, options for creating several different output formats in the export tab are also available. The final mix can be exported, including all passive and interactive metadata to a MH Master file or short mpf or MH ADM file as well as stereo and 5.1 down mixes. You can also create a template of the current renderer settings.

For flawless running of mic H mixing and authoring projects, a few settings need to be checked, such as ensuring the audio buffer size is set to 512 or 1,024 samples and setting the sample rate to either 48 or 96 kHz while selecting three layers from the 3D pan menu. Users also have the option to select MH from the drop-down menu in the ADM authoring panel.

Furthermore, objects and channel-based components can be assigned as tracks so they become available in the plugin. The VST multi Panner has been updated to support three layer 3D pan mode. Real-time changes to any parameter in automation will be facilitated by the MH renderer. Features to correct and convert existing automation data are also included.

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