Pitchmap Colors 2024 v9.3.41.1

Overview of Pitchmap Colors

Welcome back to another video focused on Pitchmap Colors, a less expensive variation of the original Pitchmap. Created by Synaptic, this plugin was designed keeping in mind the complaints about the high price of its bigger sibling. A normal priced original Pitchmap can cost you almost 400 bucks. But, the Pitchmap Colors version offers a much simpler and cost-effective option, which became popular among color-based producers in the recent years.

This handy plugin was designed to correct overtones from bass sounds. However, it excludes some of the features from the original version like the Matrix, threshold feel, purify Glide elect FY algorithm changes, etc. Overall, it’s a simpler, dumbed-down version but it does the same job quite efficiently.

It tries to correct pitches or harmonics to a scale that you can adjust. It also allows you to cut off certain harmonics or pitches from correction, which can be useful if you want to not process the fundamental of your base sound. For instance, you can opt to keep the sub untouched while correcting the overtones or the harmonics of the bass sound.

Additionally, it comes with features like snapshots to quickly recall your own custom scales, automation to switch between scales, media input to change the scale on the go, and so on. Furthermore, with options like scale shifting (allowing you to transpose the entire result of this plugin up to 24 semitones up or down), pitch rounding, bypass features for excluded pitches etc., this plugin presents a wide range of control over your sound.

Interestingly enough, the Pitchmap color is not only beneficial for bass sounds but is also handy in other scenarios. You can use it to correct random samples from radio sources, use it while experimenting with Euror or Git or even use it with percussion sounds. With percussion, it almost acts like a spectral resonator, adding a unique tonality to your drums.

Despite the fact that it implements a simplified approach, Pitchmap Colors offers intriguing presets to change the tonality of your track. It’s more of an audio effect tool rather than a corrective measure. However, you may be able to use it for vocals subtly.

The Pitchmap Colors plugin is available for purchase for 99 bucks. Keep in mind that it uses eyck which can be a downside to some. Remember to try this plugin yourself and take your sound and creativity to another level.

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plugin: Pitchmap Colors
version : latest
developer: Synaptic
platforms: Mac, Windows
format: VST, AU, AAX

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