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Overview of Pulsar Modular

This post will provide an analysis and overview of the Pulsar Modular P42 Climax Line Amp plugin. The P42 Climax Line Amp plugin is essentially a transformer simulation that sells for the hefty price of 214 euros. This high price indicated to me that I should certainly expect much from it.

The sound of transformers does have a lot of sense in equipment like tube equipment. They provide a distinct coloration to the sound. This is evident while using transformers like analog phone type transformers in the master bus path. Though a bit tricky to set up in an analog domain due to issues like impedances, it does make a lot of sense.

As I ventured into using P42, one initial test was to drive it with a track titled ‘Sandstorm’. Driving it in had a feeling of getting somewhat more loudness in an active position. However, in actual capability, it felt like the Codec from YouTube wasn’t detailed enough to display what’s going on as it was a rather subtle thing.

Running through its user interface, it could do lots of things. It comes equipped with a high-pass filter, low-pass filter, and an extra distortion. There’s a saturation slider that produces complex patterns of odd and even harmonics that increase depth and definition. Placement could either be in the output or in pre-distort/post-distort variations. There are also options of revision A and B settings, handy for different filter types. It also offers a direct injection, dry control, shell equalizer, drive knob, and main out knob. Coming to a new function, you get an air control, but its user interface felt a bit outdated and flaky.

One significant point made about P42 is that it can create a nice atmosphere. It’s good at creating coziness and colors, specifically excellent if one wants to simulate a Motown sound. It seems however quite peculiar considering its price. So its suitability will be contingent on a user’s need for its cozy and colorful sound creation. If you aren’t after this, then the P42 might not hit the right chords for you.

For information on how to make the most of Pulsar Modular, it’s recommended to try the free 40 days trial offered by the developers to decide if it’s worth the steep price.

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