ScanTailor 2024 v9.6.47.0

Overview of ScanTailor

ScanTailor is a remarkable software developed by Joseph which predominantly expedites the post-processing of scanned or photographed pages. To commence with, its user-friendly interface allows for the creation of a new project where one can specify the input directory easily.

Upon initiation, ScanTailor asks to fix DPI (dots per inch), which effectively links physical dimensions like inches and millimeters to pixel sizes. If you’re handling scanned pages, ScanTailor doesn’t require DPI fixes because the scanner software automatically embeds correct DPI settings.

Alternatively, photographs clicked by a camera doesn’t encompass distance-measured object sizes. Hence, DPI estimation becomes necessary. A great feature of ScanTailor is that it fixes DPI by allowing detailed picture editing, which leads to fairly precise results appropriate for most purposes.

One of the other key features of ScanTailor is its effectiveness in correcting the orientation of images. As illustrated in Joseph’s video demonstration, all the pages were too bright in the scanned or photographed input. The software allows these pages to be rotated and the rotation to be applied to all pages.

ScanTailor automation is quite exemplary in stages like split pages and desks, which doesn’t require much interference from the operator. The algorithms incorporated are sufficiently capable of locating spine lines of a book and determining the rotation angle for horizontal text lines.

Moreover, ScanTailor provides a ‘batch processing’ feature that processes all pages from the currently selected one to the end of the list. It’s also worthwhile to note that you needn’t worry about errors during batch processing since ScanTailor allows you to easily find and fix them manually. Furthermore, the output stage of ScanTailor is designed to generate all the files. Prior stages only collect necessary data about images.

The ‘margins’ stage offers control over the amount of space to add to the content box to shape the final size of the output files. There are hard and soft margins, and you can adjust both to match your preferences and the needs of the project.

Finally, the output stage also provides a ‘mix mode’, which automatically perceives pictures and outputs them in grayscale or color mode, whereas it outputs everything else in black and white. This software is adept at processing hundreds of pages, which can be extremely advantageous in the case of larger books or documents.

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The ScanTailor software does offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step processing of scanned or photographed pages. From initiating a new project to batch processing and mixing output modes, the software covers a comprehensive range of features all focused on refining the quality of scanned or photographed images. Highly recommended for those seeking a powerful yet user-friendly tool for post-processing their scanned pages or photographs.

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