Synplant 2 2 2024 v9.5.92.1

Overview of Synplant 2

Synplant 2 is the latest release from Sonic Charge, following the successful release of its precursor, Synplant 1. This new version has captivated users with its unique functionality and the use of AI technology. Sonic Charge describes Synplant 2 as the first “stoner synth”, referring not to any negative connotations, but to the unique trait of not having a specific intended outcome when using the software.

There’s no definitive goal once you start using the software. With most conventional synths, you have manipulation control over standard parameters to produce roughly the expected sound. You could potentially modify a preset according to your preference. But with Synplant 2, the workflow is unpredictable and designed for instant experimenting.

Creating sounds is a simple process. You have an orb and a seed. The seed allows you to generate a random noise when clicked. With a sequencer, you can extend this noise on a note and play it back. The sounds are easily manipulated by simply dragging the branch.

Now, this makes for a highly engaging and interactive experience for the user but the issue comes in where it can become incredibly time-consuming. Sometimes you’ll find a sound you like within seconds, other times proving far more elusive and hours could pass before you generate something to your liking.

New to Synplant 2 is the impressive AI technology of GenoPatch. This function enables the loading in of a sound and at a click of a button, it creates different versions of the loaded sound. Each sound progressively gets further and further from the original. The differences range from subtle differences in sound, to completely unrecognisable renditions. This can become integral when looking to create variations of a sound that you only have a sample of.

So, what is the verdict of Synplant 2? In perspective, it’s a significant novelty in the synthesiser world. With an overwhelming amount of virtual analogue synths, this offers a refreshing change of pace and a completely different approach to sound synthesis. It does however come with a weighty price tag of €150, pushing this into the luxury bracket of synths and for some, hard to justify for its benefits.

All in all, Sonic Charge’s Synplant 2 is a testament to sound manipulation progress, and a powerful tool in the hands of creatives who have a knack for experimenting with random sound parameters.

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