Slate Digital 2024 v9.8.11.5

Overview of Slate Digital

Slate Digital has released a brand new free plug-in called Heatwave right in time for the upcoming Black Friday. Heatwave uses a single control to blend a variety of effects that can amplify any track bus or even the entire mix. In collaboration with SSL, Slate Digital have combined their plug-in subscription programs available at a price of $14.99. This gives you access to over 100 of their plugins mix tools as well as an array of samples.

The subscription includes both modern plug-ins and analog emulation, catering to needs from any genre. Heatwave, the latest free plug-in from Slate Digital, uses a combination of EQ, compression, transient shaping, and saturation to emphasize the grittiness of a mix. But that’s not all, Heatwave is versatile and can be used on any genre and added to specific tracks or buses for more control.

For the Black Friday deal, the combination of Slate Digital’s All Access Pass and SSL’s complete collection gives you access to over 100 plugins, mixing tools, and samples. A few plugins included are the famous SSL Channel strips and proprietary plug-in algorithms. The subscription cost is priced at $4.99 monthly for a year, or you could pay in advance and get two months free.

Whether you are looking for a complete mixing or mastering plug-in solution, you can find something from vintage analog to modern plug-in functions. It’s worth taking a look at and could broaden your arsenal of music tools.

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