Sonivox Singles 2024 v9.8.27.8

Overview of Sonivox Singles

Today, we are casting an eye over Sonivox Singles, a collection of nine individual plugins that ranges across various instruments – from orchestral plugins to drum kits, guitars, a bass, ethnic percussions, and pianos. Each plugin is valued at $20 but can often be found at discounted rates on certain websites.

The Sonivox Singles revolves around two distinct product lines. Firstly, there’s the orchestral plugins, known as Sony Box Films. Secondly, we have the eponymous Sony Box Singles plugins, which include various standalone instruments.

These plugins each offer unique and distinct features. They include everything from drum kits, dubbed the Blue Jase’s Transe and the Six One Jones, to guitars like the Bright Electric and Anarchist. They also encompass percussions, such as the Ethnic Percussion and the TSIA Percussion.

One of the significant aspects of these plugins is their functionality. The Single plugins, such as the Bright Electric guitar and the Classic bass, offer chord presets that allow users to create chord progressions seamlessly.

Another standout feature under review is the diverse Equalization and presets of distance available for drums in the Blue Jase’s Transe. This allows for customization in the sound created, offering different sound scales from a dry drum effect to a more ambient room drum effect.

Admittedly, not all plugins in the collection showcase an outstanding performance. For instance, the Jab and Cuts plugin, designed to mimic a harpsichord, merely provides functional performance. The Taylor styled-guitar, though clean and quite stable in sound, does not seem to outperform its counterparts in this category.

Despite these shortcomings, some plugins from this collection have managed to grab the limelight thanks to their outstanding features. Both Ethnic Percussion and TSIA Percussion are striking, allowing traditional rhythmic cascades and multi-instruments to be utilized.

Overall, the Sonivox Singles is a quite decent collection of plugins. Some are more versatile and well-crafted compared to others in the collection, warranting their $20 price tag. However, others simply provide basic features that may not be too different from their counterparts in the music production market. Yet, all in all, for their convenience and range in instrument varieties, Sonivox Singles offer value for the money.

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