STL Tones ToneHub 2024 9.7.22 download crack

Overview of STL Tones ToneHub

The STL Tones’ ToneHub plugin is a fantastic choice for today’s guitar players, offering a multitude of stunning and incredible choices in plug-in format for achieving great guitar tones. The ToneHub plugin operates in a unique format, exposing features in plug-ins that are not typically seen in traditional straight amp simulators.

One standout feature of this plugin is that it’s not just a simple plug-in format of Kemper profiles, as some initially assumed. STL tones have taken their Kemper packs and utilized their tracing technology to convert them into ToneHub format. This tracing technology is pivotal in capturing the sonic snapshot of the actual set up that the microphone, cab, and amplifier creates in a studio. This enables the EQ settings to behave like the amplifier that is being traced and thus captured into the tone hub. This harmonizes the tonal behavior for different audio profiles like a JCM800 and a 5150.

Another feature of STL Tones’ ToneHub is the cabinet section which is very robust. The virtual mic can be moved around on the speaker, adjusting the angle and distance with high pass, low pass features. This plugin also has a powerful EQ section and post effects options like delay or reverb giving you a variety of guitar tone manipulations.

ToneHub’s tracing technology’s unique and powerful features like stop section, overdrive -1 and -2, amplifier section, EQ, post effects, and the tuner add up to make an optimized guitar tone tweaking software. The plugin is lightweight and non-taxing on your computer which makes it ideal for installing on laptops for quick and convenient utilization.

All said, STL Tones’ ToneHub is a great addition to the world of amp plug-ins, opening up a whole new world of possibilities with its unique features and functionality. It is a perfect tool for guitarists seeking to explore new horizons with their tones.

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