ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner 2024 v9.10.86.7

Overview of Streamliner

Adpter Audio has launched their latest plugin Streamliner designed to deliver professional audio mixing with optimal control. The platform is structured to enable users to get a precise idea of how their music will resonate on streaming platforms. Streamliner has three main sections including dynamics, loudness, meters and true peak situated on the left, and on the right hand side, a codec auditioning system, the loudness match along with a reference track player.

The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the cog icon, allowing you to adjust the UI sizes from 100% to 250%. Streamliner also showcases low latency options, providing accurate insights for your mix. By starting a session with metering target levels, you have the ability to monitor your levels, later switching off low latency to get all the benefits of seamless A being between any of the codecs and live streaming.

The platform presets and target level presets allow you to fine-tune your mix accordingly. Streamliner features a loudness meter alongside a dynamic section to measure the overall dynamic reading of the complete track. Additionally, the true peak meter allows you to set the target volume, making the matching process even easier.

The platform also brings a focus to dynamics; as you adjust the volume and squash the dynamics, the metering system reflects the changes, moving from competitive to squashed to crushed. This enables the producer to monitor and adjust their sound accordingly.

With Streamliner, you’re also able to compare your pre-master with your master track, adjusting the volume of the master track to match the pre-master. You can select from dozens of saved tracks within the menu and choose from amongst them to make comparisons. You can further save any customizations made, providing you with a unique, tailor-made platform preset.

Streamliner also provides a walkthrough on exporting your music track to any platform using the correct codec and bitrates. The Export button allows you to choose your preferred platform and navigate to your preferred folder location while being able to monitor the export process. The export feature provides three files for every track, labelled according to Spotify’s categories: free, mobile and premium.

Streamliner’s precision and quality allow for a simplified and effective mastering process, making it a remarkable tool for your music production process.

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