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Overview of Suite Saturator

We’d all like a tool to make improving sound quality a breeze, so let’s talk about this interesting piece of software known as “Suite Saturator”. This multiband saturation plugin was developed by none other than Plato Studios. The Suite Saturator offers three bands and is fairly simple to use, yet it provides excellent results.

There are a plethora of features that the Suite saturator offers. We have the possibility to activate the bands, and there are two modes of operation that we can activate. The tool also allows us to change the interface size, which is particularly useful for laptops and touch screens.

Uniquely, we have the option to move these from right to left to create the section they will take as a kind of crossover to divide the three bands bass, medium and high. Furthermore, this tool lets us choose two operating modes, namely, soft cut and hard cut. Selecting a hard cut would allow a sharp cut in a specified range, while a soft cut provides a bit of tolerance in values lower or higher than the frequency.

Each band provides three controls for modification. We have a slider to adjust input gain with a meter on it to guide us. There is also the output gain with its respective VU meter and another slider to adjust. The automatic mode of the plugin handles the gain compensation for us, but we can always deactivate it to do it manually if preferred.

In addition, each band comes with common controls including a Crush control that allows us to reshape our sound completely, a Drive control with which to manage the amount of harmonic distortion, a mix control that allows us to blend the dry signal with the wet signal, and finally a pad control to give our sound an extra aura.

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Overall, Suite Saturator by Plato Studios offers a well-rounded package for sound engineering and editing. Considering its steep learning curve and the wide range of options it provides, both beginners and professionals can find something to their liking. After all, the ultimate goal is to experiment and discover the full potential of this essential tool on your own.

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