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Overview of VocalSynth

VocalSynth is a powerful software developed by iZotope that can essentially transform one’s vocals. It allows users to manipulate their recorded vocals in different ways to create unique and artistic sounds. Today we explore five of my favorite ways to optimize your usage of VocalSynth.

Our first aspect for consideration is its mini-mode. Essentially, VocalSynth uses MIDI to determine the voicing of the synth engine. It’s relatively easy to achieve this. Audio tracks can be placed on VocalSynth, and then users can select the mini mode, a powerful feature which allows a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) users like Logic, Ableton or FL studio to route MIDI inside a bit wig. This facilitates control over the voicing of your audio, enhancing the ability to create complex and uniquely tailored sounds.

Next, we delve into the intricacies of poly or mono mode. In mini mode, the voicing for VocalSynth was determined by MIDI. However, in sidechain mode, the voicing is determined by a sidechain signal, which can result in an intriguing blend of sounds, especially when complemented by an audio track that matches the key and BPM (Beats Per Minute) of your vocals.

A third important tip involves using the gate and hop feature. This essentially helps in eliminating extraneous sounds such as breaths that exist in raw vocals, providing a cleaner end result. By adjusting the gate knob, unnecessary breaths can be eradicated, creating a more defined sound.

Additionally, the versatility of auto mode adds more depth to your vocals, but it’s important to ensure that your key and voicing tabs are set up correctly. Users should input the key of their vocals and adjust the register to match their vocal track. This could provide a more cohesive sound experience and accentuate the versatility of auto mode.

In conclusion, VocalSynth by iZotope offers complex layers of control and manipulation over your recorded vocals, providing a means to experiment and create uniquely tailored sounds.

You can download the VocalSynth software from the [official iZotope link](https://www.izotope.com/).

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