WinRAR 2024 v9.6.27.3

Overview of WinRAR

Downloading and installing WinRAR on your Windows computer is an uncomplicated process. You first need to visit the official WinRAR website. From there, click on the download tab. A list of download links will be presented, and you will have to select your preferred language and platform. To simplify this process, use the dropdown menu where it says ‘Platform’ and choose the relevant one. In this example, we’ll select ‘Windows’.

After this, search for your specific language, and download the 64-bit version. This installer can be downloaded onto your desktop for easy access. A five-step process follows for the installation, and you’ll need admin permissions to proceed. After you’ve downloaded the installer, you need to install it on your computer. To do this, double-click on the installer.

At this stage, you may choose a destination file for the installation, or simply use the default destination. Click on ‘Install’ to proceed. The software will be installed swiftly. To configure it, select the files you want to associate with the WinRAR software. It’s typically advisable to use the default selected files. Additionally, you can select where to add a WinRAR desktop shortcut and a start menu shortcut. After selecting your preferences, click on ‘Ok’ and then ‘Done’.

After the installation, WinRAR will be fully active on your computer. The software provides archiving options that allow you to compress files. For example, to compress an image using WinRAR, right-click on the image, hover over WinRAR, and select ‘Add to Archive’. This takes you to the archive settings where you can customize the compression, as required.

To extract contents from a compressed file, right-click on it, hover over WinRAR, and select ‘Extract here’. This allows you to instantly extract the file to your desktop.

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