GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Download Crack

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With GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack, say goodbye to the hassle of copy-pasting and switching between different projects. Simply drag and drop your project files directly from your desktop into the AI models, saving valuable time and effort.


Tailored AI Skills
Customize and tailor GPT skills to your specific needs with GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack. Create unique and specialized skills for GPT, allowing you to swiftly switch between them as required. No more wasting time explaining your requirements to the AI model each time – GPT Everywhere understands your needs intuitively.

Effortless Integration
Experience seamless integration with your existing workflow. Launch the GPT model anywhere and utilize shortcut keys in any app with GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack. Save responses directly to files, eliminating the traditional method of copy-pasting and streamlining your workflow.

Voice Control and Multilingual Support
Take control of AI models using only your voice with GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack. Benefit from multilingual support and effortlessly switch between different AI models, including GPT 3, GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and even rare models like GPT 432k and Claude V2.

Customization and Flexibility
Enjoy unparalleled customization and flexibility with GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack. Use your personal API keys and choose the AI model that best suits your specific needs, whether running on your computer or in the cloud. Experiment with local models beyond the constraints of conventional paid models, thanks to local model support through uba Booga or LM Studio.

Integrated Monaco Editor
For quick coding or text editing, GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack features the integrated Monaco editor. Develop, edit, and manage your project files within the app swiftly and effectively, enhancing your coding and editing experience.

Chaining and Task Sequencing
With GPT Everywhere – Desktop AI v9.84 Crack, you can create a sequence of tasks for the AI models to follow, streamlining your workflow and enabling the models to carry out complex tasks in a specified order.

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