Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story – Deluxe Edition v9.84 Download Crack

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Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story v9.84 Crack begins with a simple yet compelling premise: your friend Clover vanishes during a festive gathering, sucked into a mysterious portal. This event sets off a chain reaction, rendering all portals in Bandal City inoperative and leaving you with the dull task of finding Clover and restoring the city’s portal network. The journey is filled with a variety of activities, from cooking and selling goods to gardening, crafting, and showcasing your y’s exceptional knitting skills.


Bandle Tale stands out for its serene gameplay experience, steering clear of traditional combat and boss fights synonymous with the franchise. Instead, this game emphasizes exploration and interaction with the serene locals of Bandal City. Players will find themselves solving problems and completing quests for fellow yordles, involving tool crafting, object crafting, and resource delivery. The narrative is further enriched by the introduction of a magical backpack and Rightly, a snarky talking sock. Rightly not only guides players through the crafting quests but also delivers a dose of humor and wit, enhancing the game’s charm.

As players repair portals, they unlock the ability to position their home base in various locales, connecting more deeply into the world. Quest completion not only progresses the story but also unlocks special carpets and facilitates new skills, such as cooking and crafting, essential for hosting events and serving meal guests. The strategic placement of your home base and the use of carpets introduce a layer of planning and strategy, especially when hosting events that require managing space and time to ensure guest satisfaction.

The game’s currency is Stars, which are needed for new recipes and items and are awarded based on guest enjoyment at the events. A unique feature of Bandle Tale is the emotional well-being of your yal, tracked through the emotion gauge that fills as you advance their quests. Upon reaching full capacity, emotions can be converted into skill points during sleep, unlocking new abilities on the skill tree. This progression system enables players to enhance their crafting abilities, harvest resources more effectively, and even expand their living space to include additional rooms and a garden.

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