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Granblue Fantasy Versus captivated a new audience in 2020, but for longtime fans of the mobile RPG series, Grandblue Fantasy Relink brings a set of different expectations. Transitioning from mobile to PC and PlayStation, the game delivers exhilarating real-time action that competes with other narrative-driven titles like Final Fantasy 16 and Star Ocean: The Divine Force. However, its mobile origins present both advantages and challenges.


The storytelling in Relink is tighter compared to its counterparts, offering a refreshing departure from bloated narratives. Despite this, certain aspects of the game fall short of expectations for its scale. Nonetheless, Relink’s combat mechanics and character dynamics ensure hours of enjoyment, even beyond the main storyline.

The narrative follows a crew of skyfarers in search of the mystical island of Estucia, known for granting wishes. Players embody a silent protagonist, choosing between Gran and Jeta, accompanied by Lia, whose summoning powers become pivotal later in the story. The diverse cast of characters adds depth, with each member contributing unique personalities and interactions.

Unlike lengthy RPGs, Relink’s story structure resembles that of a mobile game, comprising 10 concise chapters that propel the narrative without unnecessary dialogue. This streamlined approach maintains momentum, offering a refreshing pace for storytelling.

Cinematic moments abound, reminiscent of iconic confrontations in titles like Final Fantasy 16. From thrilling battles with monsters to commanding Bahamut, Relink delivers memorable experiences throughout its gameplay.

While only a select few characters play significant roles in the main story, the inclusion of numerous allies via summoning adds depth to the roster. Each character boasts a distinct play style and special abilities, ensuring diverse gameplay experiences.

The combat system features unique mechanics, such as Arts levels and Skybound Arts, which add layers of strategy and reward player patience. The inclusion of multiplayer quests enhances the game’s replayability, despite the lack of crossplay between PlayStation and PC.

Post-game challenges offer formidable tasks, necessitating careful planning and utilization of sigils to enhance weapons and abilities. Despite incorporating gacha mechanics, Relink avoids microtransactions, maintaining a level playing field for all players.

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