Ableton Live 2024 v9.0.48.2

Overview of Ableton Live

Today, we’re going to embark on a deep dive into Ableton Live, particularly focusing on control voltage interconnections among the mographoga plugins. We’ll kickstart by putting down a basic melody in a midi track using the model D plugin. Look out for interesting presets in the sound workshop pack as they can offer a great starting point.

When settling for a midi sequence, ensure to lengthen all the notes a bit for an optimal experience. Now, let’s say we want to use the model D through the mf-101 filter, you can accomplish this by dragging the 101 filter into your track. Interesting, right?

Now, let’s assume you wish to modulate the filter cut off with not only the envelope follower on the 101 but with an LFO as well. To achieve this feat, elect a moger fogger with an LFO. A couple of options are available, but for our illustration, we’ll opt for the mf-103 phaser.

Moving forward, to use the LFO on the 101, click the top row of jugs or the CV button, both will lead you to the back panel of the nf-101. On this back panel, you’ll discover the plethora of parameters that you can modulate with CV. Choose to modulate the cutoff, click on the cut off to get a list of all the different modulation options you can experiment with.

It’s important to note that each instance of a moger fogger is assigned a unique four-character code. You can easily spot this unique identifier by clicking on CV. This exercise eliminates ambiguity especially when dealing with multiple phasers. Remember, the cutoff input shows you a list of all your modulation sources including both unique phasers.

Just to demonstrate its application, let’s use the first phaser, the rkcl1, and click LFO to connect the LFO to the 101 cutoff input. Immediately you do this, you’ll see a cable inserted into the cutoff Jack. Impressively, it will illuminate in time with the modulation signal. You will also notice this on the control that we’re modulating, in this case, the filter cutoff knob as a white indicator will show the modulation.

Notably, each CV input jack contains an attenuverter to scale the incoming modulation. Even more exciting, with the 103 LFO, you can achieve bipolar movement by clicking on the jack and choosing bipolar. Interestingly, the modulation signals can come from anywhere in your active session.

Lastly, the Ableton Live software allows you great flexibility and control that you can fine tune according to your desired outcomes. It offers deep interconnectivity options that replicate the original Moga fogger Hardware pedals. Therefore, you can experiment with interconnecting them for subtle modulation or to build more extreme, interdependent effects.

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