Wobble 2024 v9.9.86.4

Overview of Wobble

Today, let’s discuss the newest virtual instrument from Sauna Box, Wobble. Wobble is a VST AU RTAS instrument, compatible with any cross-platform DAW. The first notable aspect of its interface is the six significant knobs, segregated into two distinct channels. On each channel, you’ll find a width knob, a filter cutoff knob, and a filter cue knob. A synchronized LFO further controls the filter cutoff. By merely clicking the sync button, you can change the resolution.

The width knobs on each channel control the harmonic tuning of the sound. A secondary set of harmonic tuning is available on the mod wheel, and with over 200 different presets in Wobble, each preset having completely different programming and harmonic tuning, you can generate an infinite number of sounds.

As we manipulate the filter frequency and the depth of the LFOs, we start getting the characteristic wobble sound. Change the rate of the LFO just by twisting the rate knob. Click the sync button for synchronization and set the resolution of the LFO. The effects section offers another set of controls, allowing you to add delay, chorus, and reverb.

One of the exciting sections of Wobble is the pattern generator, which allows you to do tempo-synced modifications. Simply activate the pattern generator, set your resolution, and start drawing across the bottom. Velocity can be easily tweaked. Clicking and dragging while pressing the control or Apple key lets you create more extended durations. Input MIDI notes can be offset by a particular number of semitones as per your setting.

Moreover, you can control any of the modulation parameters within the pattern generator. For example, go to your LFO sync section, enable the tab, and across the entire pattern, alter the resolution of your LFO in real-time to create complicated dubstep bass patterns.
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