Black Rooster Audio Compressors 2024 v9.6.36.0

Overview of Black Rooster Audio Compressors

Let’s delve into Black Rooster Audio compressors, now available on plug-in Boutique and for a limited time until October 25th. All Black Rooster plugins are just $19, making it an excellent time to explore this tool.

Black Rooster Audio has been one of my favorite small plug-in developers. Their la2a and 1176, as well as their la3a versions of their plugins, are particularly enjoyable to use.

The V2a compressor, modeled after Black Rooster Audio’s la2a plug-in, has some unique elements that distinguish it from other similar tools. For one, it offers different s-select features (a, b, and c), which change the opto sale. It also provides an emphasis feature, makeup gain (rarely seen on a la2a style plugin), and wet and dry options.

The sales select and makeup gain features make this la2a style compressor quite unique and enjoyable to use.

Next on the list is the VFe, which is their version of the 1176. It offers an autof fast feature and a one-to-one ratio option, providing no compression but adding nice saturation. For more punchy compression, try the all buttons in mode by clicking the 20 to1 ratio twice.

The V 3A, modeled after the LA 3A type compressor, might seem standard at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. With controls for limit, compress, peak reduction, gain, and bringing it in and out, it provides a range of sound shaping options.

Lastly, the Omnitech is a variable-mu style compressor with controls for input threshold, sidechain high and low, attack and release, makeup gain, and a mix control for the wet and dry signal.

Black Rooster Audio compressors are great tools for any producers and sound engineers, offering unique features for a flexible and characterful sound shaping. For just $19 each, until October 25th 2023, they’re a bargain.

Whether you’re already using any of these Black Rooster Audio plugins or considering to try them out, they’re worth exploring. I’ve been using them for maybe a year or so now and have been genuinely enjoying them.

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