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Overview of Mix Checker Pro

The Mix Checker Pro is an innovative plugin from Auto Fod. As the name suggests, this nifty tool allows you to check your mix directly on your studio monitors, removing the need to bounce it out and load it on other devices. Simply put, it saves you from the tedious process of bouncing your mix onto your iPad or other devices to check how it sounds.

Likewise, it solves the problem of checking how the mix translates to your car’s sound system. With Mix Checker Pro, you can get a pretty accurate idea of how your mix is going to sound on all these devices right within the confines of your studio. Importantly, this plugin isn’t only for music; podcasters can also use it to predict how their voices will translate on an iPhone, Android device, or a Bluetooth speaker.

Always remember to completely bypass this plugin or remove it from your master before exporting your material. Otherwise, the profiles of these devices will be written to your file. Ideally, it would be best for you to put Mix Checker Pro right on your master output.

The software lets you customize button sets or presets, including changing the stereo base, overall distortion level, and overall volume for each device. It allows you to simulate over 60 different devices, enabling you to set up your button sets. In addition, you can add custom labels for the button sets, set the calibration, add noise, and even automatically switch devices based on set timings.

Another great feature is the remote control function, which lets you control this tool from your mobile device. Therefore, you can walk around your studio switching through different devices without being tied to your computer.

For a complete experience, try out Mix Checker Pro and elevate your mixing processes.

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